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Voting Absentee By Person

You can vote absentee in person for every election by coming in to the Ottawa County Board of Elections office.  For information on when absentee voting begins and hours the office is open for voting, please click below:

Absentee Voting Calendar

Voting Absentee By Mail

All Ohio voters have the opportunity to vote in the next Primary or General Election from the convenience of their own homes by requesting an absentee ballot. You can request your ballot for each individual election beginning on January 1 or 90 days before the date of an election, whichever is earlier. Please submit your request as far in advance of the election as possible to ensure there is sufficient time for the board to mail you a ballot and for you to timely return that ballot.

Steps to request and vote an absentee ballot:

  1. Print out and complete:  ABSENTEE BALLOT APPLICATION. 
  2. Once you have completed your application by providing your name, address, date of birth, form of identification and address to which your ballot should be mailed, then sign and submit to our office.
  3. Mail the application to: Ottawa County Board of Elections, 8444 W. State Route 163, Suite 101, Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449-8885.
  4. Wait to receive your ballot in the mail. If you have questions about your absentee ballot request, call us at 419.898.3071.  If you requested your ballot more than 30 days before Election Day, your ballot will be mailed out on the day absentee voting starts in the Board of Elections office.
  5. Return your voted ballot. You can send it by U.S. mail or deliver it in person to our office, but the return envelope containing your marked ballot must either be received in our office prior to the close of the polls on Election Day, or postmarked no later than the day before the election. You cannot fax or email a voted ballot.

ABSENTEE VOTING questions?  Call (419)-898-3071.

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